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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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about 8 percent instead of. you can see the police cars and man was held up inside an apartment. he is now dead. andrew harper was inside the apartment with a woman in three children and armed with a handgun. he eventually to let the children go as negotiations continued with police. at one kind--the swat team entered around 3:15 a.m. and found the man dead. 70 california state
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parks will be shutting down this month as a result of budget cuts. one of those purposes china camp state park in san or fall. >> park rangers say they have seen an uptick of people walking and waiting and china camp state park as word of a possible closure spreads. her >> the closing of the state parks is tragedy. generations will lose out. once these places close it will be hard to recapture them.
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>> this family has lived apart since 1890 and what is left of a chinese fishing boat they gives the part of its name. from a historical standpoint once you lose it if it cannot be duplicated. >> a lot of of this morning. took a while to clear. as a result, temperatures were
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cooler. the fall goes all the way inland. setting for the afternoon. in the tomorrow is shipping to be the best beach day of this holiday weekend. going into tuesday we will see the return. parent was is shaping up to be the warmest day of the week. after wednesday's cooling trend for the end of the week. a $40 million settlement
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is pending in court file a class-action lawsuit against san francisco's culinary academy. students say they were misguided about job prospects after graduating. >> not all students who went field physical. stevens did it set a ribbon and sharpens prepared how valuable their education would be. they say workers are oversold it. some students could get back up to $20,000. it costs between 20,040
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thousand four associates degree. a spokesperson for the academy had this statement. p pat it was star wars day at at&t park. things just did not go their way despite being tied in the eighth inning. it could not hold on to the lead. they lost 4-1. they are now seven games behind. the oakland a's are suddenly hot. they swept the
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mariners this weekend. matsui said a team record. the oakland a's have now won four games in a row. still ahead, tropical storm lee is sending water pouring into the louisiana coast. and a man sees his ranch the first time after a fire fighter ripped through. where will show you what in hell hard to make a gay pride when a family event. for
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the oakland gave rise silver attracted south of the people to downtown oakland, just blocks away open and private organizers say it is much more of them of her and to compare to the san
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francisco prices. about 14,000 you will celebrate at the oakland pride event on sunday. it is a much smaller celebrations in san francisco right. organizers say it is quite different in terms of the crowd. oakland private appears geared more towards family. >> you normally will not find a petting zoo or about the house at a private festival. this was a couple wanted to make sure that their son to be entertained. >> as parents we thought, there is going to be a kid's guarded. that will be fine. we were thinking of him >> first> opal and pride organizes realize the many same- sex families, especially lesbian families live in the east bay. that is why they make sure this event is a little more tame. the
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most recent census indicates about 3400 households are headed by same-sex couples. researchers said oakland has the third highest rate of same-sex couples after san francisco and seattle. >> we are started things off on monday with clouds and temperatures, with clouds and temperatures in the '40's and '50's. alitalia about that coming up.
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>> there rare glimpse of " pet iran does is it about a mass of wildfire as flames burned
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through was destroyed. seven of the animals did manage to survive. the onus is he wishes more and elspeth been saved. when the image will never leave my mind. the annals of loved and cared for donahue here a fire crews save the wall firebird's nearly 1,200 a. and is not 80 percent contained. because of the fire remained unknown. a manic phase is in all these charges for allegedly biting a snake. but this pet python, a
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beating hold on her belly, allegedly caused plenty of this man. we showed him what ops said he did. all of love! a kennedy been told that is. i ripped that open? no one does
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abortion clinic head for bulk liquid animal care officials. here is the view from the oakland hills looking down on the berkeley, emeryville and oakland.. falk is pushing into
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the bay and inland whatever jobs in the '50s. it is a cool evening. and the beaches of tomorrow it looks like a kid gave pitt did the this week will
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been awful close to triple digits. when veronica britain
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and abandonment bernina nevada anniversary of the 1/2 illness you're a pig with of popcorn, we have sold in better. grilled cheese. " next, the san francisco restaurant that specializes in just that. it is all after the break. and and the
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month and run for tug of war with a gabe slate therein it cle
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